Jan Canty

Homicide Survivor, Author, Psychologist, Cancer Survivor

I earned a Ph.D. in psychology and opened a practice in the Fisher Building. Then came the "after"segment. My spouse of nearly 11 years went missing. I was told he’d had a secret life for 18 months. He’d been murdered, his body dismembered. He’d spent our savings and now I was woefully behind on payments and taxes. The press hounded me for two years. I found no comfort in the trial or convictions – it couldn’t change anything. So, at age 38 my psychology practice was closed, my home sold and I left everyone I’d known to start over. I lived a "redacted life" for over 30 years. Three nearly-simultaneous events called me out of the silence.

April 5, 2021

Ep.10 True Crime: Jan Canty

Your husband goes missing and a week later you hear from the police that they have found his body parts along the highway.....How…

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