May 10, 2021

EP.15 Business Humorist: Lisa David Olson

EP.15 Business Humorist: Lisa David Olson

This episode features Business Humorist, TEDx Speaker, and Author Lisa David Olson. 

Lisa started out as a well known improv comedian then shifted into an Author and Speaker. Today her focus is on helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow and define their business. She does this by using her business journal "What Ifs & Why Nots."  The journal is filled with creative cues to inspire different perspectives and self-innovation.   She also has a book titled "Laughs on Wry," where she writes about finding comedy and laughter despite growing up in a challenging environment, and how humor saved her life. 

Also, you can get to know her better by checking out her podcast "Stranger Connections," where you get your podcasts!

Lisa David Olson

Business Humorist, Author, TEDx Speaker

Lisa David Olson is a business humorist and speaker who delivers high-energy presentations that challenge people to think creatively and choose the lighter side of life. Audiences that range from corporate events and trade groups to community service clubs lover her practical strategies which can be applied personally and professionally. She is an author, published writer, speaker and podcaster who also shared a Project in Bravery. Make sure you check out her TEDx Talk from the spring of 2021, "Seeking Humor; Finding Bravery," her books Laughs on Wry and What Ifs & Why Nots journal, and her podcast Stranger Connections.