April 5, 2021

Ep.10 True Crime: Jan Canty

Ep.10 True Crime: Jan Canty

Your husband goes missing and a week later you hear from the police that they have found his body parts along the highway.....How do you handle this and move on?

This episode features special guest Jan Canty.  She is a homicide survivor, psychologist, and a  author.  Hear about her experience with finding out about her husband's death, his secret life, and all of the trails she faced in the aftermath.  


Jan Canty

Homicide Survivor, Author, Psychologist, Cancer Survivor

I earned a Ph.D. in psychology and opened a practice in the Fisher Building. Then came the "after"segment. My spouse of nearly 11 years went missing. I was told he’d had a secret life for 18 months. He’d been murdered, his body dismembered. He’d spent our savings and now I was woefully behind on payments and taxes. The press hounded me for two years. I found no comfort in the trial or convictions – it couldn’t change anything. So, at age 38 my psychology practice was closed, my home sold and I left everyone I’d known to start over. I lived a "redacted life" for over 30 years. Three nearly-simultaneous events called me out of the silence.